Brondi FX-400 Professional Walkie-talkie εγχειρίδιο χρήστη

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Brondi FX-400 Professional Walkie-talkie εγχειρίδιο χρήστη

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FX-400 professional TwinPMR446Private mobile radioInstruction manual – English

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LCD Screen- Displays thecurrent channelselection and otherradio symbols.AntennaPTT (PUSH toTALK) button–Press and hold totransmit.Ear/Mic/ChargerjackPWR(POWER)Button – Pressand hold to turnthe unit ON orOFF.CALL button-Press to sendringing tone toother PMR units.MENU Button-Press to changeto switch betweenmodes.UP/DOWNButtons –Press to changechannels, volume,and to selectMIC (Microphone)Speaker1. LCD ScreenChannel Number. Changes from 1 to 8 as selected by theuser.CTCSS Code. Changes from

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2. Installation2.1 Removing the Belt Clipa. Pull the Belt Clip latch forward(away from theFX-400)b. While pulling the Belt Clip latch, push up theBelt Clip as shown in Figure1.2.2 Installing the Belt Clipa. Slide the Belt Clip into the slot as shown inFigure2.b. A “click” indicates the Belt Clip is locked intoposition.2.3Belt Clip latchFigure 1Figure 2Installing the BatteriesFigure 3Figure 4Caution: Observe the proper battery polarity orientation when installing batteries. Incorrectpositioni

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2.4 Charging the batteries using direct chargera. Lift up the Mic/Ear/Charger cover, insert the round connector at the side of the unit.b. Plug in the mains adaptor into a 240V AC, 50Hz main socket with the switch on the socketset to OFF.c. Switch ON the main socket.d. It takes about 10 hours to fully recharge the batteries if they are completely run down. Newbatteries take up to 14 hours to fully charge.2.5 Charging the batteries using Desktop chargera. Insert the small plug on the end of the m

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2.6 Charging the Batteries using Car chargerf. Lift up the Mic/Ear/Charger cover, insert the round connector at the side of the unit.g. Plug in the Car charger on your car cigarette lighter jack and the battery bar indicator willscroll.h. It takes about 10 hours to fully recharge the batteries if they are completely run down. Newbatteries take up to 14 hours to fully charge.Battery meterThe battery meter is located in the left corner of the LCD Screen. It appears like a battery withthree bars in

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3.2 Turning the Unit ON/OFFTo Turn ON;a. Press and hold the POWER button until the LCD Screen turns ON and displaysthe current channel.To switch OFF;b. Press and hold the POWER button until the LCD screen turns blank.You can hear a musical tone each time to confirm.3.3 Adjusting the Speaker volumeThe volume level is shown by vertical bars the LCD screen. You can change the volume whileusing your FX-400, or while the unit is idle (switched on but not in use).press the UP button to increase, or pr

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Note: Once you set the DCS code, CTCSS will automatically set to off mode or vise versa.Transmitting and ReceivingThe FX-400 transmission is “one way-at-a-time.” While you are speaking, you can notreceive a transmission.The FX-400 is an open-license band. Always identity yourself when transmitting on thesame channel.3.4.3 Transmitting (sending a speech)The unit is continuously in the Receive mode when the unit is turned ON and not transmitting.When a signal is received on the current channel

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Channel scan perform searches for active signals in an endless loop for all 8 channels, 38CTCSS codes and all 83 DCS codes.a. Press the MENU button 5 timesb. Press the UP or DOWN button to begin scanning channels when an activesignal is detected, channel scan pauses on the active channel.c. Press the MENU button again, CTCSS flashes on the LCD screen press theUP or DOWN button to begin scanning CTCSS 1-38.d. Press the MENU button again, DCS flashes on the LCD screen. Press the UPor DOWN button t

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3.12 Setting the Key Tone ON or OFFThis feature allows the FX-400 to emit a confirmation tone after pressing each button.a. Press the MENU button 11 times, “ON” flashes on the LCD Screen.b. Press the UP or DOWN button (“ON” will be displayed on the LCD screen) ordeactivate (“OFF” will be displayed on the LCD screen) the key tone feature.c. Press the PTT button to confirm your setting.3.13 Setting the Dual Watch ModeYour FX-400 is capable of monitoring two channels, the current and an

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5. SpecificationsChannels AvailableCTCSS Sub-channelDCS Sub-channelOutput Power (TX)Range8 Channels38 for each Channel83 for each channel0.5 WUp to 8 Km.6. Channel Frequency TableChannel1234Frequency (MHz)Channel446.00625446.01875446.03125446.043755678Frequency (MHz)446.05625446.06875446.08125446.093757. SafetyCAUTIONDamaged AntennaDo not use any FX-400 that has a damaged antenna. If a damaged antenna comes in contactwith the skin, a minor burn may result.BatteriesAll batteries can cause propert

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blasting caps or in a “blasting area” or in areas posted: “Turn off the two way radio.” Obey allsigns and instructions.NOTE: Areas with potentially explosive atmospheres are often, but not always clearly marked. They includefueling areas such as below deck on boats; fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities; areas where the aircontains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders; and any other area where you wouldnormally be advised to turn off your vehicle engine

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BRONDI S.p.A.www.brondi.itinfo@brondi.itVersion: 1 -16 May 2008- 12 -

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FX-400 TwinPMR446Private mobile radioManual de Instrucción – Español- 13 -

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LCD Pantalla- Demostrar laselección corrientede canal y otrossímbolos de radio.AntenaBotón PTT (EMPUJARA HABLAR)-Pulsar y sostenerpara transmitir.Enchufe de cargadorde audífono y micBotónPWR(POTENCIA)- Pulsar y sostenerpara encender oapagar la unidad.Botón de CALL- Pulsar paraenviar tono detimbre a otraunidad de PMR.Botón de MENÚ-Pulsar para transferirentre los modos.Botones deARRIBA/ABAJO- Pulsar para cambiar loscanales, volumen,y paraseleccionar laconfiguración durante elprograma.MIC

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2. Instalación2.1 Quitar el Clip de Correaa. Tire el pasador de Clip de Correa adelante,(fuera de FX-400)b. Mientras tire el pasador de Clip de Correa, empuje el Clip de Correa como loindicado en Figura 1.2.2 Instalar el Clip de Correaa. Deslize el Clip de Correa en la ranuracomo lo indicado en Figura 2.b. Un “clic” indica qu el Clip de CorreaSe bloquea en la posición.Figura 1Figura 2Instalar las BateríasFigura 3Figura 4Caución: Observe adecuadamente la orientación de polaridad de bater

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Cargar las baterías usando el cargador directamentea. Levante la cubierta de Mic/Audífono/Cargador, insierte el conector redondo en el lado de launidad.b. Enchufe el adaptador principal en el orficio principal de 240V AC, 50Hz con el interruptoren el set de enchufe puesto a Apagado.c. Transfiera el enchufe principal encendido.d. Lleva aproximadamente 10 horas para cargar las baterías completamente, si se agotencompletamente. Las baterías nuevasllevan 14 horas para argar completamente.Cargar

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Durante el modo de carga directa PMR, la unidad no puede transmitir y recibir.2.6 Carga las baterías con cargador de cochef. Levanta la tapa de Mic/Auriculares/Carga, enchufa el conector redondo en el lado de la unidad.g.Enchufa el cargador de coche en su enchufe de cigarrillo de coche y el indicador del bar de bateríase desplaze.h. Cuesta aproximadamente 10 horas a recargar las baterías hasta lleno cuando están totalmenteagodadas. Baterías nuevas cuestan hasta 14 horas a recarga total.Metr

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completamente.Mantenga el FX-400 fuera del alcance de bebes y niños.3.2 Encender/Apagar la UnidadPara Encender;a. Pulse y mantenga el botón POTENCIA hasta que la pantalla LCD se encienda ydemuestre el canal corriente.Para Apagar;b. Pulse y mantenga el botón POTENCIA hasta que la pantalla LCD se apaga.Usted puede oír un tono musical en cada momento de confirmar.3.3 Ajustar el volumen de parlanteEl nivel de volumen se demuestra por barras verticales en la pantalla LCD. Usted puedecambiar el vo

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c. Pulse el botón PTT para confirmar la configuración DCS.Nota: Una vez que usted ponga el código DCS, CTCSS desactiva automáticamente el modoo viseversa.Transmitir y RecibirLa transmisión de FX-400 es “una vía por una vez.” Mientras usted está hablando, nopuede recibir una transmisión.La transmisión de FX-400 es una banda de licencia abierta. Siempre demuestre suidentidad cuando transmite en el mismo canal.3.4.3 Transmitir (mandar una habla)La unidad está en el modo de Recibir con

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ventosa.3.6 Activar Auto Exploración de Canal y SubcanalLa exploración de canal ejecuta las búsqueda de señales activas en curva interminable portodos los 8 canales 38 códigos CTCSS y todos los 83 códigos DCS.a. Pulse el botón MENÚ 5 vecesb. Pulse el botón ARRIBA o ABAJO para empezar detectar los canales cuando laseñal activa se detecta, la exploración de canal detiene en el canal activo.c. Pulse el botón MENÚ nuevamente, CTCSS parpadea en la pantalla LCD. Pulse elbotón ARRIBA o AB