Rockford Fosgate RFX9210 Car Stereo System εγχειρίδιο χρήστη

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Rockford Fosgate RFX9210 Car Stereo System εγχειρίδιο χρήστη

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RFX9110RFX9110GRFX9110RRFX9210RFX9210GRFX9210RSource UnitsInstallation et fonctionnementInstalación y funcionamientoInstallation &Operation

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INTRODUCTIONDear Customer,Congratulations on your purchase of the world’s finest brand of car audio source units. At RockfordFosgate we are fanatics about musical reproduction at its best, and we are pleased you chose ourproduct. Through years of engineering expertise, hand craftsmanship and critical testing procedures,we have created a wide range of products that reproduce music with all the clarity and richness youdeserve.For maximum performance we recommend you have your new Rockford Fosgat

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GETTING STARTEDWelcometoRockfordFosgate!Thismanualisdesignedtoprovideinformation for the owner, salesperson and installer. For those of you who want quick informationon how to install this product, please turn to the Installation Section of this manual. Otherinformation can be located by using the Table of Contents. We, at Rockford Fosgate, have workedvery hard to make sure all the information in this manual is current. But, as we are constantlyfinding new ways to improve our product, this infor

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PRECAUTIONSHandling the Detachable FaceplateDO NOT drop or cause shock to the faceplate as serious damage may occur. Protect thefaceplate by storing it in the supplied carrying case.Avoid Mechanical MalfunctionDO NOT grab a disc while it is being automatically loaded into the source unit. Doing thismay cause serious damage to the playback mechanism and/or damage to the disc.IR REMOTE CONTROLLEREnvironment ExposureDO NOT expose the IR Remote to any of the following: direct sun and heat, high humi

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INSTALLATIONINSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONSThe following is a list of tools needed for installation:Volt/Ohm MeterHand held drill w/assorted bitsWire strippers1/8" diameter heatshrink tubingWire crimpersAssorted connectorsWire cuttersSoldering iron#2 Phillips screwdriverSolderBattery post wrenchHeat gunThis section focuses on some of the vehicle considerations for installing your new Source Unit. Preplanning your system layout and best wiring routes will save installation time. When deciding onthe l

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INSTALLATIONCenter ConsoleMounting the source unit in the center console provides optimum access. Be sure the installationdoes not interfere with the operation of the gear shift or parking brake. The source unit should havea mounting angle within ±20° from horizontal.Glove BoxMounting the source unit in the glove box is adequate, but does not provide easy access. Glove boxmounting should only be done if “Instrument Panel” or ”Center Console,” mounting is notacceptable (i.e., maintainin

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INSTALLATIONConnect the Speaker Wires (if external amplifiers are not used) to the corresponding speakerleads by soldering and heat shrinking all connections for a reliable installation. If only one pairof speakers is utilized in the system, use only the FRONT speaker leads and heat shrink theunused REAR leads to prevent from shorting out. Be sure to maintain speaker polarity. DO NOTchassis ground any speaker leads as unstable operation may result.11. Install the Preamp Output Harness (if extern

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SOURCE UNIT FEATURES1. OFF (PWR-Remote)– Turns the source unit on and off.2. BAND – Selects which bank of tuner presets (FM1/FM2/AM) should be active.3. MODE – Selects between TUNER/CDP/CDX/AUX1* modes.4. UP – Selects the next radio station in TUNER mode and selects the next track in CDP/CDXmode.5. OPEN – Opens the faceplate and ejects CDs from the in-dash CD player.6. DOWN – Selects the previous radio station in TUNER mode and selects the previous track inCDP/CDX mode.7. LOC – Sel

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SOURCE UNIT FEATURESIR Remote Special Features23. SEEK/TRACK / – Selects the next/previousradio station in TUNER mode and selects thenext/previous track in CDP/CDX mode.24. VOL / – Controls VOLUME, BASS, TREBLE,BALANCE, FADER, and SUM*.25. SEL – Selects between VOLUME, BASS, TREBLE,BALANCE, FADER, and SUM* modes.26. DIR – Cycles up and down through the directory inMP3 mode.27 PTY – Allows priority broadcasts to interrupt allother functions in international units only.28. AF/TP – Allo

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OPERATION – BASICRESET BUTTON!CAUTION: Do not press the Reset Button too hard or you may cause damage thatmay void your warranty. If you need assistance, please consult anAuthorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer.1. Follow the instructions above to detach the faceplate.2. Insert a paper clip or other slender object into the Reset Button hole in the lower left corner ofthe unit and gently press it in until the button clicks.RemotePOWER ON/OFF1. Press the OFF (PWR) button to turn the radio on.2. Press

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OPERATION – BASIC•P. PLAY [EJ MUTE] — Plays the Tuner after you eject a CD while Eject Mute mutes the Tunerafter you eject a CD.•V/BAR ON [V/BAR OFF] — Displays the Volume Bar at the bottom of the Front Panel whileVolume Bar Off turns it off.•INI VOL 15 — Sets the maximum Initial Volume when the unit turns on. Initial Volume setspoint of maximum volume when the unit is turned on. If the volume setting was lower than theinitial volume setting when the unit is turned off, then the lo

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OPERATION – BASICPUNCHThe Punch button enables the bass and treble response of theaudio output to be boosted for all listening levels.1. Press the PUNCH button to enable the Punch feature.Remote2. Press the PUNCH button again to disable.NOTE: The panel will display "Punch" when the Punchfeature is on.PANEL DISPLAYTuner Mode:The panel will display the band, FM1, FM2 or AM1, and the station frequency, unless the defaulthas been changed to TITLE DEFAULT and a station title has been programmed in.

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OPERATION – TUNERSELECTING A STATIONPress the Up or Down Button (SEEKor ) once andthe Tuner will rapidly proceed to the next (UP) orpervious (DOWN) station.RemotePress and holding either the Up or Down button (SEEKor ) for 1 second will put you into TUNERMANUAL mode. You can now manually search up ordown at a rate of one digit per click (pressing andholding the Up or Down button will allow rapidsearching).PRESET BUTTONSEach Tuner mode—FM1, FM2, and AM—has 10 presets for a total of 30 prese

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OPERATION – TUNERPTY MODEPTY (Program Type) can search for radio stations viaMUSIC MODE or SPEECH MODE networks. Music Modecategorizes radio stations into Pop, Rock, Modern Music,Light, Classics, and others. Speech Mode categorizes musicinto News, Affairs, Info, Sports, Education, Drama, Culture,and Science. REG (Region Mode) will switch the station toanother that has the same PI CODE (station that providesexactly the same program) but in a different REGION.Program Type Mode1. Press the PTY bu

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OPERATION – CD PLAYERAdvanced OperationThe following also works with the optional CDX Multi-Disc Changer if it has been installed.NOTE: Items shown in () refer to remote control functions.Track Selection1. Press the UP button (SEEK) to select the next track on the disc.2. Press the DOWN button (SEEK) to select the previous track.ConsiderationsCDP MODE: The disc will start over at track 1 again after the last track plays.CDX MODE: When the last track number on the current disc is reached, the n

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OPERATION – CD PLAYERPause CDRemote1. Press the MUTE (Mute/Pause) button to pause theCD.2. Press the MUTE (Mute/Pause) button a second timeto resume playing the disc.NOTE: The panel will display PAUSE and the tracknumber until the function is canceled.Direct Track AccessRemoteDirect Track Access allows any track to be immediately selectedand played. This method is faster than manually cycling througheach track on the disc.1. Press the T-ACC (AS–TRACK ACC) button to select DirectTrack Access

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OPERATION – CD PLAYERCD Changer Mode1. Press the MODE button until CDX PLAY is displayed.2. The CD changer will immediately begin playing track #1 of the first available disc.3. If the changer was previously initialized, the changer will resume playing the last trackinitialized.Disc SelectionRemote1. Press the PRESET 5–UP button to select the next disc inthe magazine.2. Press the PRESET 4–DOWN button to select the previousdisc in the magazine.3. Press the D-ACC (PTY–DISC-ACC) button and

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OPERATION – TITLE PROGRAMMING4. Turn the VOLUME knob to select the proper character.5. Press the VOLUME knob to move to the next space.6. Press and hold the VOLUME knob for 1 second to store the title intomemory.Title Erasing1. Press and hold the MUTE button for 1 second.2. Turn the VOLUME knob to select the title forerasing.3. Press and hold the VOLUME knob for 1 second toerase the title.OPERATION – MP3MP3 Player Operation — Basic PlayingNOTE: RFX players do not recognize MP3 CDs created

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OPERATION – MP3NOTE: If The song name will remain displayed for 5 seconds in steps 1 through 4 above. If noaction is taken during this 5 second period, the display will default back to the songcurrently playing.5. Press ENTER to select the song and the song will begin playing.NOTE: If no disc is loaded into the CD player, NO CD will be displayed and the source unit willrevert to AUX1* mode, (Tuner Mode if 9110).DOWN ButtonWhen playing an MP3 track, pressing the DOWN button will take you to the

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TROUBLESHOOTINGNOTE: If the error still continues after doing one of the easy remedies, before taking the unit to aservice dealer, try reseting the system by pressing the reset button.GeneralSYMPTOMDIAGNOSISREMEDYVoltage applied to Red andYellow wires is not between10.8 and 16 volts or there is novoltage presentCheck battery, connections and fuses andrepair or replace as necessary. If voltage isabove +16 volts, have the electrical systeminspected by an authorized car service center.Unit is not p