Silva NX2 Baby Accessories εγχειρίδιο χρήστη

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Silva NX2 Baby Accessories εγχειρίδιο χρήστη

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Περιεχόμενο Περίληψη σελίδα Αρ. 1

Sun Odyssey 40.3www.silva.seSystem Suggestion

Περιεχόμενο Περίληψη σελίδα Αρ. 2

Instrument Location OverviewNMEA connectionLocated by navstation

Περιεχόμενο Περίληψη σελίδα Αρ. 3

Detailed SpecificationSun Odyssey 40.3CompanionwayMulti XLSteer PilotNavtexAntennaMulti XLCockpitAutopilotWindAnalogMulti ControlNav stationCockpitMulti ControlGPSNavigatorCockpitCompassDataWindAnalogMulti ControlSternLinear DriveQ: Product name:Part no. Price/pcs: Q: Product name:1 Multi Controlincl. Server22118-21log transducerdepth transducer1 Compass transd. 45º 208601 GPS antenna219701 Wind transducer207211212122Steer PilotMulti XLGPS NavigatorCompass 125Compass DataAnalog WindMulti Contro

Περιεχόμενο Περίληψη σελίδα Αρ. 4

Detailed SpecificationSun Odyssey 40.3Network Connection boxInstrument Panel (no predrilled holes)Q: Product name:Part no. Price/pcs:1 Instr. Panelx Connection Boxx Connector21754-47202155620966Total:XXXX:-4-Pole Connector

Περιεχόμενο Περίληψη σελίδα Αρ. 5

Connection SpecificationLeft CockpitCompanionwayNav StationNav StationGround+12VNMEA ConnectionNav StationDepth TransducerNexus busLog TransducerGPS AntennaCompass TransducerWind TransducerBetween CockpitsRight CockpitGround+12VSternNote: If chart plotter shall send out NMEA to theserver, the GPS antenna must be connecteddirectly to the back of the GPS Navigatorinstrument located by the Nav Station.A second wire must then be drawn from the chartplotter to the servers NMEA In.

Περιεχόμενο Περίληψη σελίδα Αρ. 6

Connection SpecificationLeft Cockpit instr.Nexus BusNMEANMEA Out (S15)TransducersRight Cockpit instr.Nav station instr.Companionway instr.